How Modern Mindfulness Will Help You Increase Focus, Balance, and Performance 

Are you unhappy, filled with anxiety, feeling drained and lost, or simply out of shape?

So was I.  I’m Hilary Packin. I have successfully shown others the tools and techniques I have learned to go from this to becoming the best version of you. I can teach you how to do it, too.

My Story 

I was a young professional. Closing deals. Traveling the country on endless business trips. Attending trade show after trade show. Succeeding. Or was I? 

I should be happy, I would tell myself. But I wasn’t. Something wasn’t right. Anxiety began lurking and I felt more and more uncomfortable the more I tried to push these thoughts out of my mind. One day, it all came to a head. A massive panic attack. And I have no idea what it was. I thought I was having a heart attack. An elephant was sitting on my chest and I could hardly breathe. Surely, something was very wrong. It was terrifying. Anyone who has suffered from this before can surely relate with the all-encompassing fear of not knowing what was happening to me. 

I floundered around at the mercy of these episodes as they would come and go seemingly on a whim. I felt out of control, helpless, and deeply embarrassed. My health and fitness were suffering even more. Something had to change. Reading everything I could get my hands on, I hit upon something. It made me remember back to the yoga practice I had in college. There was something to that. When I did yoga, I managed my course load with greater ease. I felt more relaxed even when facing a daunting term paper or final exam. I thought it was just exercise. But I was starting to realize there may just be something more to it. 

So I unrolled my mat. Stringing together any poses I could remember, I practiced in the solitude of my living room with my cat looking on. And I did it again the next day. And again the day after that. It felt good. Freeing, even. Something was beginning to shift. The attacks became fewer and farther between. Often, I was even able to breathe them away before they even began. I kept on. Finding classes. Learning from teachers. Studying and devouring as much mindfulness practice information as I could find. Adding meditation. Becoming aware of how I was breathing.

Quite simply, I was changing. Feeling better. More relaxed in my own skin. And it was showing. I was the business traveler waking up early to unroll a travel mat in the corner of my hotel room because I knew my day would be all the better for my practice. My success in business accelerating and my profitability was increasing even more. I was beginning to flow and people began asking me how I was getting this glow. Would I share my secret with them? 

Me? But I’m not a former gymnast or ballerina or commune dweller with a penchant for patchouli. Yet I certainly knew what was making me feel this way. And I was bubbling over with excitement to share it with anyone who wanted to listen. To help even just one person learn what I had discovered so they did not have to suffer like I did… YES. So I started to do exactly that. I wondered, how could just moving your body around in this way actually change your brain? Mindfulness practices like these can do exactly that. It’s neuroplasticity. And it’s incredible. Your brain has the ability to reorganize itself in response to new situations or changes in behavior, thinking, emotions, environment. I will help show you my system how to work with your body and mind using modern mindfulness exercises including yoga, meditation, and breathing to become the best version of you.

 You have the power to shape your present.  And your future. Join me.

Throughout the Dallas and Miami areas your personal yoga trainer comes to you with a custom yoga lessons and as your personal meditation coach. Contact me today so I can accommodate your full spectrum of needs whether it be therapeutic yoga, yoga to rehabilitate and recover from injury, a mediation coach for your home or office. Beginner to advanced - all levels welcomed.